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No-Poo Review: Washing Hair with Baking Soda and Vinegar – Does it Work?

  “No Poo” is a method of hair washing that ditches traditional shampoos and conditioners, and replaces them with baking soda and vinegar, or even no products at all.  No-poo recently hit the national consciousness when Jacquelyn from Little Owl Crunchy … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Shower Head with a Bag of Vinegar Review – Does it Work?

Most any faucet or water spigot tends to build up limescale over time, especially where there is “hard water”.  Over time this buildup can lead to blockage which impedes the flow of water.  Shower heads are no exception, and may … Continue reading

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Using a Vinegar Wash to Prevent Fresh Fruit From Molding and Spoiling Review – Does it Work?

(Thanks to reader Emily for proposing this Green Idea!) Fresh, beautifully ripe berries abound in the summer.  But berries do not last for long before they start to grow moldy and spoil.  Can rinsing your fresh berries in a vinegar … Continue reading

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