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The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Review – Does it Work?

Welcome to the October 2013 Carnival of Natural Mothering! This article is a part of the Carnival of Natural Mothering hosted by GrowingSlower, Every Breath I Take, I Thought I Knew Mama, African Babies Don’t Cry, and Adventures of Captain … Continue reading

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Chatting about Homebirth with the Preparedness Radio Network!

Happy Weekend, Friends! About a month ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for a radio interview with Vickilynn Haycraft, of Real Food Living.  She had enjoyed my homebirth reviews (Is Homebirth a Green Idea part 1 and part 2) … Continue reading

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Placenta Encapsulation Review – How, Why, and Does it Work?

Placentophagy.  Eating your baby’s placenta.  Whaaaat?!  In a move that is just a tiny step away from cannibalism, some midwives and natural heath advocates recommend that a new mother consume her baby’s placenta to facilitate a faster and easier recovery, … Continue reading

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