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Baking with Coconut Flour Review – How Does it Work?

Coconut flour is a powdery flour-like substance that is made of the ground up coconut meat.  It is gluten free, grain free, high in fiber and low in carbs which makes it a popular baking choice for folks with gluten … Continue reading

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Extending Produce Life with the BluApple Review – Does it Work?

It’s pretty common knowledge that a diet full of fresh fruits and veggies will keep your body healthy, strong and at a reduced risk of many common ailments.  But the problem with fresh produce is that it doesn’t stay fresh … Continue reading

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Making a Rainbow Cake with All Natural Food Coloring Review – Does it Work?

Red cupcakes for Valentine’s day, green cookies for St. Patrick’s  and lovely pastels for Easter:  Coloring baked goods to suit your fancy is a fun way to express yourself in the kitchen.  But the artificial dyes used to do this are generally chemicals that … Continue reading

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Soaking and Cooking Dried Beans Instead of Canned Review – Is it Worth it?

Beans are a highly nutritious food, offering a great punch of protein and fiber all in one serving.  They are a tasty addition to many meals, and can help fill the gaps when meat is not a part of your menu for … Continue reading

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Freezing Avocados Review – Does it Work?

Avocados are the yummy, creamy fruit from an avocado tree.  They are picked when mature, but unripe, and then ripen over a few days at room temperature.  They can be rather expensive: up to $2 each, unless you live in … Continue reading

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