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DIY Homemade All Natural Pore Strips Review – Do They Work?

Pore Strips are nifty little paper patches you apply to your skin anywhere that blackheads are a problem. The adhesives on the strip stick to the blackheads and remove them from the pores when the strip is removed.  There are … Continue reading

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DIY Homemade Liquid Hand Soap Review – Does it Work?

In the history of soap, liquid hand soap is a relatively modern invention.  Recently a number of natural living bloggers have shared homemade liquid hand soap recipes – making a gallon or more of hand soap from a solid bar of soap.  … Continue reading

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DIY Homemade Natural Hair Gel Review – Does it Work?

4 out of 5 leaves Hair gel is a styling product that is applied wet to hair and then stiffens the hair when dry to preserve a desired style. Hair gel is typically made of specialized stretchy polymers that allow the hair … Continue reading

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