Using Borax to Destroy Dinge: Does it Work?

1 out of 5 leaves

1 out of 5 leaves

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that works as an all natural cleaning agent.  A thorough review of available literature suggests that Borax is generally safe for household cleaning, although it is wise to keep it out of children’s reach. The most commonly suggested use for Borax is as a laundry booster — does it work?  Does Borax brighten up dingy whites?

The Good

  • Better for the Earth – Borax is mined from the earth, and boxed up with minimal processing
  • Better for You – Borax is generally safe for household cleaning – just don’t eat a ton of it!
  • Saves Money – Borax is generally cheaper than OxyClean (another natural-ish laundry booster)
  • All natural – Borax is sodium borate, a naturally occurring mineral in the Earth’s crust

The Bad

  • There’s a bit of controversy surrounding the safety of Borax – most of it seems to be stemming from the known safety concerns of boric acid (or sodium tetraborate decahydrate) vs generally benign Borax (sodium tetraborate).  Note that the EWG does not recommend Borax, but also does not distinguish between Borax and boric acid.  This is a well-researched article discussing all the known facts.*
  • SPOILER ALERT! Borax does not help whiten dingy whites.

My Experience

Using Borax to Brighten Dingy Whites: Does it Work?

For reasons I can’t figure out, my kid’s washclothes are seriously dingy.  Like white turned to yucky grey dingy.  Especially in the middle.  I don’t know if my kids are just that dirty, or if the mild kid’s soap I use locks in the dirt, or somehow inhibits my laundry detergent??  Whatever it is, the kid’s washcloths are capital D – Dingy.

See what I mean?

Using Borax to Brighten Dingy Whites: Does it Work?

But.. there’s always a silver lining, right?  I plan to try out some all natural ideas for brightening whites and post the results for you!  Today, I tackle Borax!

I never really knew what Borax was until I joined the crunchy mama community.  It turns out it’s an old-school cleaner that’s been around since before our grandmothers.  Much of what’s sold in the US is mined in California, my current state of residence.  It’s mostly sold as a laundry booster – you add 1/2 cup of Borax powder along with your regular detergent to soften water, and increase the cleaning power of your soap.

I picked up a box of Borax at Target (got distracted for about 5 months…) and then dumped in a 1/2 cup with a standard load containing about half of my dingy washcloths.  I was excited to see the boosting power of the white powder, and finally get those cloths clean.

Well….  no need to give you a before and after picture, because the Borax-washed, and not Borax-washed cloths looked exactly the same.  Borax did not brighten my dingy whites.

It’s a Green Idea Fail!  So disappointing.  There are many other uses of Borax that I’m looking forward to trying out, but brightening whites is not one of them.  Perhaps I’ll try this boiling laundry with lemons idea next?

Have you ever successfuly used Borax to destroy dinge?  What’s your secret?  Do you have other natural ideas for brightening whites?


*Concerning Borax safety: As always, it is up to YOU to do your own research and decide what’s best for your family.  I don’t recommend doing, or not doing anything just because your favorite blogger said so on the Internet!  Do your own homework, people!

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7 Responses to Using Borax to Destroy Dinge: Does it Work?

  1. Paula says:

    Hi -
    I do not use Borax much in the laundry room. I do love my OxyClean. And it does whiten whites.

    The way I use borax is in the kitchen. It is great in combination with baking soda as a scrubbing agent. For my stovetop, which always needs scrubbing, it works wonders on cooked on gas stove grates. The grates and all other stovetop parts come clean with some straight borax and a little soap to cut the grease.


  2. Kissiah Aiken says:

    Washing soda seemed to work better than borax for me.

  3. Marysa says:

    How long did you let your items soak?
    Sometimes I let clothes soak in a bucket before adding to the wash.. even overnight. I had some clothes with berry stains, and shockingly, they were gone when soaked in Borax. I don’t know about white clothes though.

  4. Hi! I have not tried borox to brighten whites. We are an oxyclean family here.

    You would have been a featured post on Natural Living Monday but there is no link back! If you add it let me know and I will add your featured post. Thanks!

  5. cmtigger says:

    I haven’t used borax to brighten, but I’ve found that it really removes odors. If the odor is really bad, an overnight soak in borax is really needed. It’s even gotten cat pee smells out of things for me.

  6. Christina says:

    I find that the combination of borax with washing soda and HOT HOT water does help. The longer the soak, the better too. I read somewhere that borax needs very hot water to create the cleaning reaction. The results are good enough for me, along with the price difference from oxyclean, to stick with the borax.

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