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The Squatty Potty Pooping Stool Review – Does it Work?

(This review is about how to poop better…  consider yourself forewarned!) Feces, guano, manure, you know what I’m talking about: Poop!  We are all experts in our own way, as we all have done it every day of our whole lives.  Here … Continue reading

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Freezing Avocados Review – Does it Work?

Avocados are the yummy, creamy fruit from an avocado tree.  They are picked when mature, but unripe, and then ripen over a few days at room temperature.  They can be rather expensive: up to $2 each, unless you live in … Continue reading

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Cooking with Cast Iron Review – Does It Work? Is it Worth It?

Cast Iron Cookware is an old school version of the pot and pans that are found in every kitchen.  Cast iron is very heavy duty, has excellent heat retention properties, and with a little loving care can be the only … Continue reading

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