Shaving with Coconut Oil Review – Does it Work?

2 out of 5 leaves

2 out of 5 leaves

Coconut Oil is a made from the meat of coconuts.  While high in saturated fat, many natural health professionals advise that the main type of saturated fat in coconut oil promotes the formation of healthy cholesterol (HDL).  In fact, many in the real food community recommend coconut oil as the smartest oil you can use in cooking.  While coconut oil is great for use in cooking and baking, some have also advocated it’s use in personal care, including using it as a shaving aid.  Does coconut oil really work when shaving?

The Good:

  • Better for you – with coconut oil, you know exactly what is contacting your skin – just healthy good, all natural oil
  • Better for the earth – no strange chemicals entering the waste stream, and no empty cans of shaving cream or gel
  • Smells great (if using unrefined, virgin oil)
  • Leaves skins soft, smooth and super moisturized

The Bad:

  • Does not provide a lot of “slip” for your razor
  • Seems to gum up the razor blades, making them less effective
  • Can make the shower floor dangerously slippery
  • Much more expensive than using soap or the cheap shaving gels out there

My Experience

You can use any kind of coconut oil you have on hand – refined, or unrefined shouldn’t make a difference.

For a long time after I started shaving my legs, I used your standard women’s shaving gel.  It’s pretty cheap – costs only a few dollars a can, and smells pretty.  As I grew older and wiser, I started trying to simplify and frugal-fy my life. As part of this plan, I ditched the shaving cream and started using my everyday bar soap to lather up for the razor.  Making the switch was easy.  Using bar soap was less messy than the shaving cream, and cost almost nothing.

Not too long ago, I heard that coconut oil can be a great tool for shaving with, so I decided to try it out.  I used some of my virgin, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil.  I scooped a couple tablespoons into a small, plastic container and brought it with me to the shower.*  It smelled great!  The steam from my warm shower quickly softened and even melted some of the oil, making it super easy to apply.

I smoothed a decent amount of coconut oil onto my leg and started shaving as I normally would.  I immediately noticed that there was very little “slip” – my razor did not glide easily across my skin as I am used to with soap or shaving gels.  The oil was also clear, with no lather, so it was very difficult to see where I had been with the razor previously.  I had to go very slowly and carefully to ensure I was not missing any spots.

I also noticed that the oil seemed to “gum up” my razor, so the blades didn’t seem as sharp.  And unless I kept the razor directly under the water, the oil would freeze up and clog the areas between the blades.  Yuck.  Finally, the bathtub floor became super slippery, as I suppose you would expect it to after spreading oil over it.  I had to move VERY carefully to avoid a fall.

One nice thing I noticed after shaving a couple of times with coconut oil was the skin moisturizing benefit.  I have always had somewhat dry skin, which got worse when I move to dry Southern California.  And for some reason, my skin gets even dryer while I’m pregnant.  So my legs are crazy itchy and dry right now, even scaly on some days.  I would moisturize them with lotion, if I ever got the chance between my full time job, two little kids, and household to run.  Smearing coconut oil on them a couple times a week while in the shower was a perfect remedy!  My skin was beautifully soft, smooth, and itch free while I was shaving with coconut oil!

Overall, I didn’t like using coconut oil with shaving.  The oil slowed down my razor, clogged it up, and turned my shower into a major fall hazard.  While the coconut oil had a pleasant scent, and great moisturizing benefit, they did not make up for the big negatives.  I do not recommend using coconut oil for shaving, although I plan to explore it’s body moisturizing properties further.

Have you ever tried shaving with coconut oil?  What are other non-food ways that you use coconut oil?

*Please DO NOT bring any kind of glass container into the shower!!  I shudder to imagine the gory possibilities…

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25 Responses to Shaving with Coconut Oil Review – Does it Work?

  1. 'Becca says:

    Thanks for the review! I never tried shaving with coconut oil, but I tried shaving with honey based on some Internet recommendation, and it had the same “not enough slip” problem.

    I shave with soap and then rub coconut oil on my legs afterward (not in the shower; in the bedroom before getting dressed). It feels and smells so good! And unlike most lotions, the moisturizing effect seems to last after I wash it off the next day.

    If you’re having trouble finding time to moisturize, one option is to have your man rub oil on you during couple time. 🙂 It’s nurturing, yet romantic!

  2. Pam says:

    I don’t remember how I found this website or post, but I did and love it. I love being ‘green”. I’ve never tried shaving with coconut oil but I have for the last year use it after every shower (in a plastic jar of course) and take it with me on trips (make sure it is sealed tightly in a zip lock bag). After showering I take just a little (goes a long way) and massage it all over my damp face and neck, as well as all over my legs below my knees up to my thighs. Blotch softly with towel just enough to get the wet drops of water off my body and I am smooth and moisturized the rest of the day. I do this after I turn off the water so the bottom of my shower floor is not slippery. By putting this on my face, I no longer buy any over the counter moisturizers that have unteen zillion ingredients that are bad for you and our environment. Nor do I invest in any lotions anymore!

  3. I love coconut oil, my family uses it for just about everything. Great hair condition, lip balm, and body lotion. My sister even uses it instead of diaper cream for my nieces!

    • Victoria says:

      Diaper cream? Do you know if she uses it as needed on rashes, or to prevent rashes?

      • Bethany says:

        I use it for diaper rash cream too… well as a zillion other things. 🙂 When my littles get a rash, I simply put some on and by the next diaper change its either almost gone or noticablly better. You should check out they have a lot of ideas, info and recipes on there! 🙂

  4. susan says:

    For the last few weeks, I’ve been using a small amount of baking soda dissolved in water and pouring it over my legs for shaving. It’s natural, and it does have that slippery feel for shaving. We do have a water conditioning system in our house–not sure if that would make a difference or not.

    • Victoria says:

      Interesting! Do you mix it in the shower, or beforehand? I’m interested to learn more about the logistics of this method.

  5. Sounds like an expensive method!

  6. Interesting! I’ve never heard of using coconut oil for shaving. I’ve heard some say they use conditioner, but I’ve never tried it. I just use bar soap.

    I like to use coconut oil as a moisturizer, especially on my hands. And I use it to tame my frizzies in my hair by rubbing a small amount into my hands then onto my hair. Works great!

    Visiting from Eat Make Grow 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Ooooh – I need a hair defrizzer sometimes – I’ll definitely check this out. Thanks for the tip!

    • Mary Frankenfield says:

      I use conditioner to shave. I find it gives me a smoother result that I would get with soap or shave lotion or gel, and I found that soap or gels always dried my skin out too much. When I use conditioner I don’t have to moisturize afterwards. I use White Rain Coconut scented conditioner. Cheap and it smells yummy. Also, White Rain is a thinner conditioner than most, so it doesn’t gum up my razor! (It does make the floor of the tub a bit slippery….)

  7. Laura says:

    I use shaving cream and razors from the Dollar Tree. They used to be as good as the name brands, or almost as good, but I noticed this year that the quality has decreased. I found razors at Big Lots that are good. Or, I use good moisturizing soap.

  8. Oh my goodness! I never thought about the tub getting slippery!!!

    Thanks for sharing this review on Your Green Resource. I will take your advice and skip this green trend!

  9. Victoria,
    This is a great post. You are one of the featured bloggers this week at Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Link Party this week. You can get the featured blogger button at today’s post. Thanks so much for sharing at last Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Link Party. This weeks party is live. The link to the party is
    Can’t wait to see you there.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks Debi!! Hope you have a great week as well!

      • Bethany says:

        I just used it for shaving tonight….and since its not as slippery as soap and such, I now feel like I have tiny cuts all over my legs. 🙁 Not too pleasant. Sigh. I buy my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions in a five gallon bucket. We use for everything! Diaper rash cream, cooking, bites, sun screen, baking, lotion…..a lot! 🙂 I make my own deodorant and toothpaste using it as well. It’s amazing stuff. 🙂

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  12. Jane says:

    I just used coconut oil mixed with sugar (equal parts) to shave my legs. It worked great. I have sensitive dry skin and it really made my skin moist and smooth. You don’t need to use much as it goes far. And yes you really have to run the razor under the water to get it clean. I didn’t have any problem knowing where I shaved as it wasn’t really clear but had a white tint. Nor did I have a problem with being slippery in the shower.
    Before placing the mixture on your legs, using a damp hand place a small amount of mixture in your palm and rub your hands together so that it is creamier and will rub on your skin better. The sugar gives it a nice exfoliating effect.

  13. No, you don’t shave with coconut oil. You use it as an *after* shave. It soothes razor burn. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, combine, and voila. Cheap, effective, all-natural after shave lotion. I also use coconut oil to make a deodorant with, and I have make a natural toothpaste from coconut oil.

  14. Brandy says:

    It may not be “green” but the best thing ever for shaving is hair conditioner. Works like a charm and my legs feel super smooth afterwards. =)

  15. Amy says:

    The other bad thing about this is that coconut oil can clog your drains! You should use it as a moisturizer afterwards to keep skin soft.