Eating Papaya to Help Morning Sickness and Nausea Review – Does it Work?

2 out of 5 leaves

2 out of 5 leaves

Papaya is a large tropical fruit that is used as a food, a meat tenderizer, and in traditional medicine as a stomach soother.  Can eating papaya help alleviate nausea and morning sickness?

The Good

  • Better for you – papaya is a healthy, natural snack with lots of vitamins and a low calorie count
  • Better for baby – a healthy fruit is better eats for the wee one inside than any drugs out there
  • Easy – papaya is commonly sold in health stores diced, dried and ready for nibbling

The Bad

  • Preparing your own fresh papaya can be messy
  • Dried papaya did not really help my morning sickness for long

My Experience

My first trimester with my third little one was a rough one.  With past pregnancies, I had morning sickness in the morning or in the evening, but with this one I was sick all. day. long.  As I started losing weight (a first for me with any pregnancy) I knew I would have to try something in order to get some food to stay in.

I had heard during a previous pregnancy that papaya was supposed to help with morning sickness.  Willing to try whatever natural remedy might work, I picked up some dried papaya from a local health food store.

Dried Papaya

I didn’t have to wait long for an opportunity to try it out.  The next day at work I started nibbling the dried fruit as soon as I had a quiet moment at my desk.  And it seemed to work!  My nausea faded away  as I snacked and I felt a little better.  Unfortunately, as soon as I ran out of papaya, I started feeling yucky again.  This had been my experience with any snacking I managed to do: a small amount of food would help me feel better as long as I was eating.  As soon as I stopped eating, the nausea would return.  So really, the papaya didn’t work better than any other snack I could have had.  And it also left my mouth feeling sickly sweet and a little gross.

I give the papaya 2 leaves because it wasn’t a total fail: it did help me feel better while I was eating it.  But so did most any other snack I managed to get down during those first months.  Later, someone told me that papaya enzyme tablets were more effective, but I didn’t get a chance to try them out before I reached my second trimester and the nausea faded away.

If papaya hasn’t worked for you, check out my other reviews of peppermint and ginger – maybe one of those will do the trick instead!

Have you tried papaya for morning sickness?  How about papaya enzymes?  Did they work for you?

PS – You know I’m not a doctor, right?  This information is based on my experience only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Your experience may vary, even from one pregnancy to the next.  Please remember to speak with your healthcare professional about any medical concerns you have, and follow their recommended course of treatment. You can read additional fine print details here.

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15 Responses to Eating Papaya to Help Morning Sickness and Nausea Review – Does it Work?

  1. Marlo says:

    Ginger of any kind works well, also a homeopathic called good morning mama. If you still need it, I’d love for you to share a post with me about the homeopathic product.
    Congratulations! Three is crazy and fun!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks Marlo! I tried out ginger as well, and will have a post about it next week. I haven’t heard of good morning mama, but luckily I’m into my second trimester and most of the nausea has faded away.

  2. Dea says:

    My children are 39 and 42, but I think what I used will still work. Sliced candied ginger root. A tiny piece between cheek and gum lasted all morning.

    • Victoria says:

      Ginger is good, but the form made a big difference in whether it worked for me or not. Stay tuned…

  3. mamanaturale says:

    Papaya was the only thing I could eat for breakfast in my first trimester. I thought it totally did the trick. I ate fresh stuff, I guess the timing was just right.

  4. Granny Smith apples (extra cold from the fridge) helped my morning sickness. Someone told me it was something in the apples that helps, but I forget what.

    • Victoria says:

      Isn’t it funny what works for different people? During one pregnancy I couldn’t go in the same room as a banana. During this pregnancy I eat a banana almost every day!
      Thanks for sharing Lisa 🙂

  5. Meghan says:

    I never tried papaya, but like a lot of other commenters, I had some luck with ginger. I had morning sickness for 7.5 months of my pregnancy, and I don’t just mean feeling nauseous, I mean I actually threw up daily until 7.5 months in. I think some of us are just unlucky. Since morning sickness is related entirely to hormone levels, I don’t know that there’s a ton that can be done for it naturally.

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Meghan! I’m so sorry to hear you were sick for so long. Pregnancy is quite difficult, isn’t it? I found ginger and peppermint tea worked much better for me than papaya. Reviews coming soon!

  6. Thank you for sharing this interesting post. I had morning sickness for the first few months, but I discovered that if I ate a good breakfast it seemed to abate. My husband used to make soft boiled eggs and toast for me (it was before they said lightly cooked eggs could be a problem in pregnancy) and they really did the trick.

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  9. Cheryl says:

    Dried papaya relieves nausea associated with chemo better than any pills the doctor gave me