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Use a Hairband to Stop Wasting Hand Soap Review – Does it Work?

Hand Soap is generally recognized as a liquid form of soap that is dispensed via a pump – usually near a bathroom or kitchen sink.  The pump makes soap dispensing easy, and sanitary, with little mess.  Unless you have children… … Continue reading

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Making Your Own Beef Stock or Broth – Is it Worth it? A Real Food Recipe Review

Meat broth, or stock, is a basic staple of any good kitchen.  (See here for an explanation of the difference between broth and stock – basically broth is seasoned, stock is not).  It can be used as a base or flavor component for a … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Shower Head with a Bag of Vinegar Review – Does it Work?

Most any faucet or water spigot tends to build up limescale over time, especially where there is “hard water”.  Over time this buildup can lead to blockage which impedes the flow of water.  Shower heads are no exception, and may … Continue reading

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Using Ginger to Help Relieve Morning Sickness and Nausea Review – Does it Work?

Ginger is a sub-tropical plant that grows bulbous rhizomes as part of its root system.  These ginger root bulbs are harvested and commonly used as a spice, or in traditional medicines.  Many cultures use various preparations of ginger to help fight … Continue reading

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Eating Marshmallows To Soothe a Sore Throat Review – Does it Work?

5 out of 5 leaves  Marshmallows are confectionery treats that trace their roots back to ancient Egypt.  The Egyptians, and other Africans used the root of the marshmallow plant as a sore throat remedy, and to treat other maladies.  Today’s modern marshmallows no … Continue reading

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