Must Try Green Ideas of the Week – July 13th

Take Away Odors Naturally @ A Blossoming Life.  Since my 3 year old is still perfecting his potty aim our bathroom tends to have a funk to it.  I’m making one of these DIY air fresheners tonight!

Homemade Lemon Citrus Produce Wash {Natural, Fast, & Easy} @ Keeper of the Home.  Seems that rinsing is not good enough, especially for those “dirty dozen”.  Here’s a homemade wash to try.  I’ll definitely be mixing up a batch soon.

New Life For Old Cookie Sheets @ One Good Thing By Jillee.  Getting rid of that weird brown build-up using natural ingredients you already have in your home.  I have some cookie sheets that would be great candidates for this idea.

Have you come across any interesting Green Ideas you’d like me to test out for you?

Happy Weekend Friends,

PS – if you see a L’oreal ad over there, I’m aware of it and doing everything I can to get rid of it… sorry about that…

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2 Responses to Must Try Green Ideas of the Week – July 13th

  1. Victoria, Thank you so much for sharing my Produce Wash post from Keeper of the Home! I hope you’ll like it!