Green Idea Reviews on Pinterest

(a tongue in cheek review!)

Pinterest is an online, social photo sharing site that allows people to share photos and links to interesting sites.  Photos are set up and managed through a digital pinboard system, which can be viewed by other users.  If a user enjoys a photo or link and wants to share or remember they can “pin” it to one of their online boards.

The Good

  • Great way to keep track of all those links you want to remember for later
  • Lots of visually appealing photos
  • Can “follow” others so you see all the things they find interesting
  • A great way to discover new ideas

The Bad

  • Can only join (and become a pinner) by invitation only
  • Can be a big time sucker if you’re not careful!

My Experience

I’ve been seeing my Facebook friends “pinning” interesting ideas and photos for quite a while.  I knew of Pinterest but wasn’t interested in joining and spending my evenings pinning away.  I had better things to do than look at photos that other people thought were cool.

Then I started this blog and suddenly, people started pinning my reviews.  Before I knew it, Pinterest had a nice little collection of pins from Green Idea Reviews.  How fun!  So, I thought I might get on board…

It turns out that you can’t just sign up.  You need to get an invite.  I put out the call on Facebook, and got a couple invitations to join right away.  The sign up and set up were easy as pie and I started pinning right away.  I quickly learned there are two ways to use Pinterest

Pinterest Method #1: Use Pinterest as a visual bookmarks page.  Anytime you come across a link or an idea you don’t want to forget, you can pin it.  Later, when you want to try a new recipe, crafty project, or for me a green idea, you just check your boards.  All the info is right there.  This is how I use Pinterest.

Pinterest Method #2: Follow a ton of people and re-pin anything that looks interesting to you.  This method is based mostly on pictures and cool sounding ideas.  These pinners seem to rarely actually click through to the corresponding link.  This seems to be where a lot of the time suck can creep in.  You know who you are! 🙂

The point of this silly (not so Green) review is that Green Idea Reviews is now on Pinterest.  If you are on Pinterest, please follow along for real food recipes, green ideas, fun home and garden things, and a sneak peak at Green Ideas I’d like to review!  You can follow me by hitting that red button to the right, or find me on Pinterest here.  If you’re not on Pinterest, but would like to be, just leave a comment below, and I’ll send you an invite right away.

See you on Pinterest!  (and I promise a new REAL Green Idea Review will be coming up tomorrow).


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3 Responses to Green Idea Reviews on Pinterest

  1. Carol says:

    Please invite me to Pinterest. I looked at this ages ago as another place to promote my blog, but forgot about it when I realised I had to be invited.

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you for the invite, Victoria. I still can’t join because you have to link with Facebook and/or Twitter. I don’t have either. 🙁