Must Try Green Ideas of the Week – June 15th

Another week has flown by, and the ideas keep coming!  Here are some Green Ideas I came across this week that I can’t wait to try and review for all of you! 

Safe and Natural Hairspray at Eco Friendly Daily.  I can’t wait to try it out!

Homemade Stickers with Natural Glue at Skip to My Lou.  An old post, but new idea for me.

Top Ten Magical Uses for Peppermint Oil at Revitalise Your Health.  I have a patch of very potent peppermint (weeds) trying to take over my flower beds.  I plan to harvest it and make lots of peppermint oil and extract very soon.

BTW – I plan on posting a weekly short list of interesting ideas I’ve come across.  My intention is to try the ideas and review them so you don’t have to waste your time on the bad ones.  If you can’t wait for my Friday late night post, then follow me on Pinterest and watch my “Blog Ideas” board!

Have you found any you would like me to test?

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