Green Idea Reviews Joins Facebook

Just a quick note to let you dear friends know that Green idea Reviews has launched our official Facebook page.  Please “Like” us over at, or smash the nifty “Like” button to the right of the screen.  You’ll definitely want to follow along as there will be exclusive Green Idea Review recommended content there that won’t be available here.  I have lots of fun plans for the future, so you’ll want to stay connected.

(Please at least look at that Facebook widget thingy over there!  It took me more than an hour to get it up.  For a blogger I am so not web savvy…)

Thanks everyone!

Victoria: the non-technical blogger





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5 Responses to Green Idea Reviews Joins Facebook

  1. Marlo says:

    An hour! You beat me by at least a half an hour!! : – )

  2. Marlo says:

    Ok, I liked you on Facebook. Repurpose my life is on Facebook too, hint hint. I also have a link to your site on my web page. I really like what you are doing here, thanks!

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Green Idea Reviews and Repurpose My Life are now official friends!

  3. I “liked” ya a few days ago! Whoo hoo! 🙂