Natural Crystal Stone Deodorant Review – Does it Work?

5 out of 5 leaves

5 out of 5 leaves

Stone Crystal Deodorant is made from minerals and salts that occur in nature. In theory, the thin layer of salt applied to your skin can prevent the growth of bacteria, and thus control odor. A crystal can be very low cost and can last up to a year. But does it work?

The Good

  • It actually works – odor protection for 18+ hours
  • Better for You – crystal deodorants have a hazard rating of 0 on the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.
  • Saves Money – the cost of a deodorant crystal is about the same or less than commercial antiperspirants, but can last for months and months.
  • Does not stain clothes
  • Fragrance free
  • Easy to travel with, not messy at all.

The Bad

  • Not an antiperspirant – does not prevent sweating, only odor
  • Must be applied wet and then allowed to dry

My Experience

A Crystal Deodorant Stone

After my homemade deodorant fail, I still wanted to find something more natural than my commercial antiperspirant that helped prevent odor. I was vaguely familiar with crystal stone deodorant, but it seemed so silly in concept that I didn’t really believe it could work. I even ended up buying one as a research product, but it sat in my drawer for months. I just couldn’t find the time to try it out on a weekend when I didn’t mind getting stinky. Then a friend mentioned that she used crystal deodorant, and was happy with it. I started using the next weekend, and never looked back.
The crystal deodorant looks just like a giant, clear crystal. Each morning I run it under water, shake off the excess drips and give my armpits a good coating. I always do this between putting on my undergarments, and my outer layer as the product needs a couple of minutes to dry. Any product that gets on my fingers rinses easily away with no yucky residue. This product is so clean that I don’t mind my kids playing with it because they cannot make a mess with it!
Amazingly, I found this product protects from body odor all day long! Even the next morning, I am relatively BO free. Sometimes, there is a scent, but I’ve realized that it’s the the scent of me – not sweetly fragrant like a perfume, but a mild, non-offensive scent. The product does not protect from sweating, so you need to be okay with occasionally damp pits. Even when dampness happens, however, I’ve not experienced offensive odor. The crystal is so effective, it can be re-applied the next day to unwashed skin and it knocks out any bit of odor that may have developed and continues to work through the second day (I know I’m not the only mom out there who doesn’t get to shower every day!).  The only complaint I have is that application onto freshly shaved skin can sting for a few seconds.
Overall, I highly recommend the crystal stone deodorant. It is clean, and easy to use. It is low cost, natural, and highly effective.  I’ve heard it also works on stinky feet, although I’ve not tested it on feet yet. Most importantly, it’s safe to use everyday without worry about cancer causing chemicals leaching into your body. The crystal deodorant is everything I’ve been looking for!

Here’s a link to the crystal deodorant I’ve been using:

Note that my review is based solely on my use of this product, and I have not tried any other brands of stone crystals, but my understanding is that they all work in the same way.

Have you ever tried a stone crystal deodorant? What was your experience?

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84 Responses to Natural Crystal Stone Deodorant Review – Does it Work?

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the very honest review 🙂 I have been looking for a natural deodorant (and I’ve also failed in making my own!). I think I’ll have to give the crystal a try. Thanks!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for reading Melissa! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who homemade deodorant didn’t work for!

    • Alan F. says:

      I use 91% isopropyl alcohol which I add a little lavender oil. Just sprinkle some on a wash cloth and rub the arm pit. It kills any bacteria that causes odor and will last all day. Problem with any type of applied deodorant is that they are very difficult to wash off completely which results in trapped odors that carry over to the next time you cover them up with more deodorant.

  2. Lana says:

    I have been using the natural crystal deoderant for almost 20 years. No way I would go back to putting all those chemicals on my skin everyday. If you have trouble locating them in your area vitacost .com carries them.

    • Victoria says:

      Wow! I didn’t realize they had been around for so long.

    • Ravi Wells says:

      couldn’t agree more – using it for 10 years and it is great – non toxic and clean feeling – with no additional stink of it’s own!

      use healthy cosmetics and body products – and usually (other than this stone…) that means making your own!

      Daiasolgaia, Discoveries for a full life.
      Don’t go back to sleep…

    • Linda says:

      I, too, have been using this for about 20 years. One tip my grandmother told me – use your deodorant (crystal) at night before you go to bed. It is more effective that way – plus you don’t have the problem of stinging after shaving in the a.m.

    • Iris says:

      I’ve been using the crystal for a little less than a year but now I am noticing it is no longer working. what am I doning wrong? is there a trick to it?

      • M says:

        Try buying a new one if you haven’t already. Sometimes the bacteria from your pits gets on the stone, and makes it smell. So it would be less effective when you put it on.

      • Kelly White says:

        You’re pits must be clean. Try a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water on a cloth pressed gently into your pits. Dab and cleanse with this when you notice a little lingering scent happening. Not always, but sometimes this can be caused by stress sweat, which comes from apocrine, rather than endocrine, glands. If this is the case, the apocrine gland is stinking you up way more than would be normal for you, and you need a little more support in removing bacteria to a level the crystal can handle.

  3. Carly says:

    Totally agree!! Crystal is the bomb! I’ve been using it for years and love it. Thanks for the review.

    Carly @

  4. heidi says:

    I’ve been using it for a few months now and have no problems with it – aside from a little stinging after shaving. Using a new, sharp razor helps. But so far, no smell!

    • Victoria says:

      I’ve had exactly the same experience: when it starts stinging, I know its time for a new razor.

  5. Thanks for this review! I have been looking for a deodorant that works, though I have not tried making my own at home yet, so this was really helpful!

    May I ask which recipe you tried that failed? I am still interested in making my own if it is possible, so I’d like to know which recipes to avoid! 😉

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Rachel, I used the recipe found at “Naturally Knocked Up”. I think it’s pretty similar to most. Cornstach or arrowroot, baking soda, coconut oil, tree tea oil, and some lavendar essential oil for a pleasant scent. I’d be interested to hear your experience.

      • Thanks for the recipe link! Coconut oil is a great idea for inclusion as it has antimicrobial properties too. I am curious about trying the four thieves blend instead of tea tree for their antimicrobial properties too. I am not sure what the baking soda and cornstarch/arrowroot are for though, I am suspicious that they might be the cause/breeding ground for the smell people are reporting. Worth a try though, since I have the ingredients on hand and I’m not using anything right now due to the cool weather and non smelly genes, but as the weather heats up I will need something!

        • Victoria says:

          I’ve been given a different (better?) recipe for deodorant which I may try out soon. I’m interested to hear how yours works.

  6. Geekmum says:

    The guy who played Hurley on Lost used crystal deodorant while filming and had good success too. I haven’t had a chance to try it. I recently misplaced my deodorant after a camping trip and have been using plain baking soda since. I haven’t had a single problem. I think this will have to be next purchase though. Baking soda is messy. =/

    • Victoria says:

      I love LOST trivia! Great to know that it can withstand a day of work in the hot Hawaiian humidity!

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  8. angela says:

    I was so excited to try it. But, it BURNS. Even if I haven’t shaved. Its been 10 minutes since i applied it and it still stings. Not for me. 🙁

    • Victoria says:

      Oh no!! I’m so sorry Angela. Do you have sensitive skin to other types of products as well?

    • B says:

      You probably won’t see this reply a year later, but I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t swear off all of them just because one kind burnt. I have sensitive skin and lots of allergies and got the same kind of reaction to the first couple of crystals I tried (it’s a good idea to test it on your wrist first!) Since then, I’ve switched to one labeled as hypoallergenic, and haven’t had any problems. It’s made of ammonium alum and water only, whereas all the other brands I’ve tried had extra ingredients.

    • Mickey says:

      I’ve been using the THAI crystal deodorant stone for 3 days now and just today my armpits started stinging and I’m not sure y? It’s was working great Is it possible to be sensive to mineral salt? Or is there’s adjustment period to use it??? Someone help!

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  10. TERESA PARKER says:

    I saw this products for years, but I was afraid to try it. But WOW is very good I am very happy and feel secure.

  11. D Hamill says:

    I have been using crystal deoderant for years. Be patient. It’s almost as though you need to build up to it’s affectivness. No more marks on your clothing!

  12. Jessica says:

    I’ve tried every antiperspirant and deodorant on the market and even had one prescribed by a doctor, and still, I never could eliminate the smell of B.O. I always though it always had to have a high % of aluminium in it to work…but none ever did the job…so last week I said to myself I have nothing to lose, I tried everything else, so I’ll try the Crystal one. It was the best decision I ever made. It litterally changed my life!!! I’ve been using it for a week now and haven’t smelled bad at all even with the hot summer right now!!!! I used to have to wash 2-3 times a day because my deodorant never work 100%…I’m sooooo happy and it’s good for my health too!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! Should have tried this a long time ago!!!!!!

    • Victoria says:

      I’m so happy to hear this, Jessica! I’ve also been quite impressed with the odor killing power of the Crystal.

  13. Barbara says:

    I used the crystal deodorant for several weeks and was satisfied and then suddenly I developed a rash. Boy was the rash painful. Now that the rash is gone, would it be safe to try the crystal again or should I leave it alone?

    • Victoria says:

      Yikes, Barbara. I’m no doctor, but if it caused a rash, it seems prudent to be careful in using it in the future. Good luck!

  14. Laura says:

    The crystal deodorant was recommended to me. I have been using it about 6 months. It worked when nothing else did. I use Naturally Fresh. The last 2 months I have developed a yeast infection under my arms, like a rash. It itches and smells bad. My shirts are contiunously irritating it. When this happens, does it mean it’s time for a new stick, because it seems like me stick lasts and lasts. I don’t want to quit using it b/c it works! I work 3 jobs and don’t have time to go to the doctor.

    • Victoria says:

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble Laura. Unfortunately, I am not a doctor so I can’t say what might be happening. My only recommendation is to stop using it and see a medical professional soon.

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  16. Frijuk says:

    These deodorant sticks contain “alum” or “potassium alum sulphate” these products are toxic to your body. They are in fact aluminum which when builds up in your body can bring on the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and can also bring on breast cancer in women (primarily because of under arm shaving). My advice is to avoid all products that contain “alum” in any form for these reasons. Do not be fooled by such advertising lines like “the alum crystals are too big to be absorbed” that is pure tosh as you sweat it turns the crystals to liquid and can be absorbed through the skin. My advice steer clear at all costs!

    • sabrina says:


      The Crystal stick deodorant does not have alum!! That’s what it’s known for. It is the best option for women who don’t want to steer clear and stink up the whole world.

      • B says:

        What are the ingredients on yours? I’ve seen crystals that claimed not to contain aluminium chloride, aluminium hydroxide or parabens, but they all contained alum. I’m not worried about it though. It’s a salt. We ingest salts through our diets and expel them through sweat. A salt solution on our skin draws water out through osmosis, not the other way around. You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but personally I’d worry more about being hit by a bus than salt entering through my skin pores.

        • Abi says:

          I know this is ancient but I had to laugh a little when I read this. I have been hit by a bus and lived so now I’m throwing caution to the wind and trying crystal deodorant. It works!

  17. Pat says:

    After looking for a solution for really offensive bo for years i found out about the crystal deodarat and tried it. I was smell free for an entire week and was so happy that i might finally have some semblance of a life. Unfortunately i noticed that the smell is back despite the deodarant. Can that really happen? i really looked forward to a normal life after suffering from puberty to my mid thirties.

    • Victoria says:

      It’s funny you mention that Pat. I have recently (after about a year of use) noticed a little breakthrough odor. It’s not full on BO, but just a whiff of something not quite pleasant that wasn’t there before. I’m not sure if your personal armpit bacteria can become resistant to the mineral salts? Or maybe in my case, it’s not quite strong enough for the postpartum hormone storm I have going on right now. Hmmm. I’ve heard magnesium oil or milk of magnesium may work — I’ll have to check it out!

      • B says:

        I suggest that you smell your crystals! They pick up odors after a while and need to be washed. Hot water and soap works for mine. Make sure you clean the container as well!

  18. I’ll have to give this a try in the winter time – January for us. Any other time a year really isn’t a time to experiment with deodorant. Thanks for the info!

    • Victoria says:

      Haha – That’s funny Kenya. Maybe summer is the time, though? If it works in summer, you know if will work all year round!

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  20. Tina says:

    I use this Crystal Deodorant. It works terrifically! Only thing I would remind the ladies, make sure it’s good and wet. If it’s just damp, it will sting a bit, it is a salt.

  21. Sally says:

    I have a stone that I use when I travel. It’s a cube about 1 1/2inches. I had it in my carry on one time when I went through security. You should have seen the looks it got! I finally had to explain what it was.

  22. Andrea says:

    I’ve been using this deodorant (same brand) for years now, and will never go back to the other type of deodorants. I’ve never had any (natural or chemical) that has worked so well, or lasted so long. It tends to be a bit pricier at the point of sale than other “mainstream” products, but you save money tenfold in the long run. One note of caution, though. Be careful not to drop it. lol! It can break if dropped. It’s is still usable, but the jagged edges can hurt a bit until the stone smooths out again.

  23. Heather Clarke says:

    I have found the crystal a brilliant anti-pong discovery, and have been using it for years, hover vet, I have discovered that as it contains aluminium, it carries major health risks.

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Heather – the crystal stick does not contain aluminum – it contains alum salts, which are totally different things.

      • abbigail says:

        I have actually been reading on this as the crystal deoderant is new to me. It can still be absorbs just less likely. and while its a different aluminum it is still aluminum and no study has effectively proved that it lessons any chance of cancer or alzheimers. i will still use it as it has a less likely chance and i dont want to stink. but study up on it a bit. you will be suprised what you find.

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  25. Diane says:

    I was told Lavilin is a great product for sensitive skin. No parabens or aluminum. Never tried it myself, but many people seem to recommend it.

  26. Eddie Lemmon says:

    Been using these crystal stones for 30yrs. Got my 1st one at the Saugus swap meet the guy talked me into buying one at a discount, used it for a week went back and bought the 6 he had left they came in a draw string bag, gave most of them away as gifts. You can get them at Asian markets and health food stores in stone and power which is great for shoes. I put one in water and it will melt, i use it in a spray bottle works great.

  27. Mery says:

    Works for me, but I have notice my armpits are dark. What I can do about it?

  28. Nathalie says:

    Thanks your for your review of this! Im highly allergic to perfume and all scented products, and I wonder if the scent you describe that you occasionally experience is like perfume-scent or how stong it is. I react allergically to pretty much all scents , also natural ones like spices and orange for example…

    • Maggie says:

      When I was a teenager I was given a hard time about smelling of BO. The truth was that I had used every deodorant and anti perspirant under the sun, however none got rid of the smell of sweat.In my adult life I struggled to find a balance and in desperation resorted to using those strong anti perspirants that blocked my pores in order to suppress sweating. The positive was that I did not sweat (much) however the negative was that I was blocking my body from doing what it is supposed to do naturally which was to sweat. The anti perspirants I used were so harsh that my armpits were left raw and itchy for days and would sting when washing there. I discovered Alum Crystal through my sister in law who brought me some back from the Far East. I have been using crystal rocks for several years now and it has made such a massive difference to my life. I am confident to be around people and the only smell anyone can accuse me of having is the scent of my perfume.

    • Mikel says:

      That’s a smart way of loinkog at the world.

  29. CLM says:


    I have been using this Crystal deodorant for about a week now. I must be doing something wrong because I have odor from my armpits within a couple hours of applying this (and that’s not even sweating). I wet the crystal, shake off the excess water and coat under my arms, let dry before I get dressed. Have even tried applying it a 2nd time to be extra sure…….Has anyone else had this issue? I have never in my life had underarm odor (of course using regular deodorants obviously blocked the odors very well) and it’s embarrassing as I work in an office. I do not want to go back to the unhealthy deodorants.

    • Tamia says:

      CLM, I wonder if it’s the type of crystal deodorant you’re using. I stopped using my old crystal deodorant and switched to Native Unearthed’s crystal deodorant- The allergy UK certified one. Noticed a major difference.I think the quality of the deodorant stick counts too.

      • Abi says:

        In case anyone new read this, for week or two after ditching chemical deodorants, your armpits will do a reset, where you get rebound stink as your pits readjust from chemical to natural. Take a washcloth in a zipper sandwich bag with you in your purse, backpack etc. so you can do a quick wash at the most stinky moments. In a pinch, use in a public restroom, water, soap, rinse. Apply crystal again. Seal wet washcloth in bag to take home and launder. I did this for 3 weeks and then suddenly I didn’t stink anymore and don’t need to wash several times a day. Crystal deodorant also works on stinky feet! I use it on feet before bed, my winter boots don’t smell at all even after months of 12+ hours of daily wear.

    • LittleMissClackamus says:

      CLM, I wanted to provide a reply here for you, or anyone reading this years later. Not all crystal deodorants are made alike. The first one I tried changed my life. The second brand I bought gave me odour, and I am someone who has almost never in her life had underarm issues. It turns out there are similar ingredients, but the one to look for is “potassium” alum. And make sure it is a translucent crystal, not opaque. There is a big difference in various crystals deodorants. Buyer beware.

  30. Lisa says:

    When I got Breast cancer at 35 I stopped using deoderant. For about 2 weeks I smelled disgusting. During those 2 weeks I was eliminating so many toxins in my body, hence Breast cancer. Once I rid my body of toxins, I stopped smelling. We’re not supposed to have BO. If you have BO you need to take care of your body, rid your body of the toxins and stop putting toxins in it.

  31. Mehtap ARSLAN AYDIN says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Deo Stone is very interesting prodHow can i get a small sample of it? Maybe, we can export it from you for our company.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,


  32. Kelly says:

    Lavilin is a great deodorant – hair or no hair!! I find I sweat a lot more when I don’t shave my armpits, but somehow Lavilin keeps the stink away either way.

  33. Anne says:

    I’ve used crystal for years, tried it when trying to reduce our packaging. I have on rock that we has lasted 7 years so very economical. I bought many of my friends the travel size and it worked for all but one. The main ingredient is Alum and that has been used in India for many purposes for a very long time. Knowing this you can easily get a block of Alum in an Indian food supply store, it will be near the herbal hair powders (also nice to try) and henna. Ayurvedic tooth powders are also in this area and a bottle lasts for years, my dentist is happy.

  34. Richard says:

    I have just returned from Japan where I found a Crystal Stone made in Japan called ‘Deonatulle Deodorant’ extra strong.

    Due to new regulations Australian customs confiscated my shaving gel and roll on deodorant because these items were more than 100mm in length. So when I arrived in Japan my first quest was to find a shaving gel and under arm deodorant.

    What I found was that finding these items in Japan was a quite a task. The Japanese stores don’t stock a variety of shaving gels or deodorant because they are very particular about what is in these products. After a very long search, I eventually found in a large Tokyo pharmacy the crystal stone which is made from a natural salt. During my stay in Japan, I visited a number of hot natural springs which contain natural mineral salts. After bathing in the springs I noticed changes to badly cracked feet and toe nails. So it wasn’t a hard decision to buy and try the crystal salt stone even though it was rather expensive compared to my cheaper roll on. 840 yen is approximately $10 AUD. Once I used it the difference was immediate. Now that I have used it for a few days I won’t go back to anything else. Only problem is that finding this crystal stone may difficult.

    • Danni says:

      Try buying them online. I’m from Singapore (it is NOT china like Donald trump says it is), and we can get them from Sasa cosmetic outlets. Its the purple packaging. Comes as a spray too but I recommend making your own spray from the rock itself, lasts way longer this way. Check out my comment below.

      I’ve heard that u can buy them easily in Thailand if u go there. Another comment I read says that vitacost . C o m has them

  35. Christina says:

    I’ve bought the spray, could I scent it with natural essential oils like tea tree and lavender?

  36. Matt B says:

    Using an alum block is great for deodorant purposes. It is also an age old post shave product. The antibacterial properties are very helpful for your freshly scraped face and the astringent properties help to close of capillaries which can help when you give yourself a little shaving nick. I wrote up an explanatory article that may be of help for people looking for a little more in depth information.

    Great article and keep up the good work!

  37. Aa says:

    Well it does not smell but it makes me sweat 10 times more than normal so my t shirts become soaked.

    • Shelly says:

      It doesnt MAKE you sweat. Your sweatglands are just not plugged with waxy chemicals so your body can do what it is supposed to do.

  38. Danni says:

    I use the crystal in the purple packaging too, a miracle for me as I have persistent BO and have been using chemical brands like nivea..don’t know if these are what cause my armpits to darken (I’m Asian Chinese) but then again, my groin areas are dark too..

    I dropped my crystal and it broke into many to save them I dropped a piece to soak in a container of tap water , and once its fully dissolved I pour a bit (probably 1/4 full) into a cosmetic spray bottle and top up with more tap water. I’ve been using it this way, lasts longer (been topping up my bottle with more tap water each time), and way less troublesome than wetting the stone and rubbing it on my underarms! The anti-odor effect still works amazingly well. I have potent BO! try this method!

    Ill try spraying on my feet lol, as my feet has FO! But make sure to let it dry before u wear the socks.

  39. David PB says:

    I’ve used the Crystal deodorant since the 1980’s. Nothing other than that ever. It works great. Never have had body odor problems. Not ever.

  40. Kath says:

    I’ve used Crystal deodorant for so long I can’t even remember what I used before. I agree with Victoria’s writeup, except for one thing – my crystal has lasted for many years! I’ve also noticed, while on a camping holiday and couldn’t be bothered to use it, that even after many days, I did not get any underarm smell at all. Eventually I did, and used it again, but numerous times I’ve gone days and days without using it, and with no smelliness at all.

  41. Fred Bigelow says:

    I cannot use “regular” deodorants. They cause me to itch like crazy. I switched to the crystal style many years ago. No itch. No smell. Very economical. I use it immediately after exiting the shower. As others have said, try not to drop it. I had one shatter on a linoleum over concrete floor.

  42. Mimi says:

    The best way to use it is powdered, In the Middle East where I come from we only use this form of deodorant in powdered form. I agree with someone here, the only downside is it does not stop sweating only odor. But it’s a great nevertheless

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  44. Ash says:

    I was looking for some advice about this. A few years ago I tried….Thai Crystal Roll-on or something like that? I used it right after showering and I shaved in the shower, and when I put it on it immediately started stinging badly and within a few minutes my armpits were full of painful, itchy red bumps. I tried using the roll-on a few times after that and got the same result.
    Is it possible to be allergic to this? Or do I just have sensitive skin? What brand/type would you recommend I get?
    I would really like to find a natural solution to BO, right now I’m having to use a clinical strength aluminum-based antiperspirant because all of the other things I’ve tried haven’t stopped the BO smell.

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Ash, the crystal deodorants are salt-based, so they certainly can make freshly shaved skin angry. My experience is that you may have to try several things before you find one that works with your body chemistry.

  45. LittleMissClackamus says:

    I just wanted to point out that while most commenters have had great results, buyer beware, not all crystal deodorants are made alike. I’ve had my issues with some, so I began looking into it further. The crystal deodorant you’re disappointed with, could be made with a manufactured version of Potassium Alum, which is much cheaper to than the raw ingredient. Unfortunately, you will not be able to differentiate these sticks from the natural ones based on the ingredients. As far as I can tell, right now, the best rule of thumb is to bypass opaque crystals in favour of the translucent variety.

    The first crystal stick I bought was an incredible discovery, however after a multiple buy of another brand I was sorely disappointed. It was not nearly as effective. If you have troubling burning, or any kind of odour when using, keep trying other brands. This may seem expensive at first, however when you consider how long a crystal stone lasts, this is a small price of research that will save you tons in the long run compared to regular deodorants. It’s also a better health choice.

    I urge people to scratch beneath the surface and do not take the word “natural” at face value. Things can be synthetically produced and still called natural. These manufactured crystals are not as effective and apparently, are closer to Ammonium Alum, which you want to stay away from. Many of the bigger brands of crystal deodorants use Aluminum Hydroxide in this synthesizing process, and may even be in the ingredients list, (although, it may not). This product is not the same as naturally mined Potassium Alum.

    Bottom line, trust your experience, and trust your eyes. Some of these products are pure garbage. A good quality crystal deodorant will make your hygiene routine 1000 times better. I really love mine. Look for quality tested brands, and always look for translucency.

  46. Jane says:

    Ha! At first, I was hesitant to answer this question for fear you would think that I never bathe! But I need to answer it—because my track record reaches back than anyone here. I have been using a rock crystal since the early 1980s. Yes, A rock, ONE rock. To be fair, it was much larger than the newer nicely shaped ones. And I am very careful about using it. It lives in a soap dish on the vanity; it is never in or near the tub or shower. My hands are always dry when I pick it up. I slightly dampen my underarms (if they are not already damp after my bath or shower) then swipe the rock on my skin; I never get the rock wet first! That is the real secret to its longevity! Several reviewers have said that dropping the rock lead to its demise. I think I’ve decreased the likelihood of falls by only handling it with dry hands, using one spot for application and leaving the sides and bottom in their rough, raw state. I’m thinking that I may need to adjust my will to pass my (deodorant) crystal down, along with my other crystals and semi-precious gems!