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Using Eggshells as a Slug and Snail Barrier Review — Does it Work?

In the springtime, when tender sprouts are just coming up, the battle begins between the home gardener and slugs. There are many tools in the battle again garden snails and slugs. Many gardeners prefer natural, non-chemical methods, especially when vegetable … Continue reading

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Using Vinegar as Fabric Softener Review – Does it Work?

When using a standard automatic washer and dryer, a fabric softener is typically required for soft, static free clothes.  Fabric softeners come in liquid or dryer sheet form, and work by coating the fabrics with a layer of chemicals.  These chemicals … Continue reading

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Using Butter Wrappers instead of Cooking Spray Review – Does it Work?

Many domestic chefs, whether cooking or baking, often find themselves in need of a greased surface: a greased skillet for a quick veggie saute, a greased pan for baked goods that don’t stick, or even a greased measuring cup for … Continue reading

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If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow Review – Does it Work?

The saying “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down” is a well meaning, but controversial guide to preventing unnecessary toilet flushes. Sending less water down the toilet (so to speak) saves money and the environment. … Continue reading

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Natural Crystal Stone Deodorant Review – Does it Work?

Stone Crystal Deodorant is made from minerals and salts that occur in nature. In theory, the thin layer of salt applied to your skin can prevent the growth of bacteria, and thus control odor. A crystal can be very low … Continue reading

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